Case Study

Ty Lewis, Confessions of a CEO

"What Full Circle Press offers is truly on another level."

Ty Lewis

Here’s where Ty was when she came to us:

When Ty came to us to help her write, edit, and publish her book, she wasn’t new to the world of book publishing. She had previously written and published a couple of books with another publisher, but found that they over-promised and under-delivered.

As she put it, “I know that there are a lot of publishing companies that will tell you, look, we’ll hold your hand through this entire process. And I found through experience with other publishing companies that that just wasn’t the case. Sometimes there were times when I felt lonely and lost during the process. Which is why I came to Full Circle Press this time around…”

From caring for her mom with late-stage dementia to running multiple businesses, managing her two daughters’ careers in the entertainment industry, homeschooling both girls, doing ministry work, and making time for herself and her husband, Ty was busy when she decided to work with us on her book.

But she was also deeply purpose-driven and knew that she needed to be obedient to get this book into the world as quickly as possible. And that’s just what we helped her do.

In a matter of a few short months, we guided her from rough concept to completed book in her hands.

“When I say that they were there from beginning to end,” Ty reflected, “I mean just that. I’m talking about from day one, from the draft of my book, going through every chapter in my book, all the way through to the end — the editing, cover design, layout, publishing process, all of it. What they offer is just so amazing and you have that one-on-one time with your author coach to guide you through the process.”

Here’s what we did for Ty to get her from a rough draft to a published, tangible tool of impact:

  • Helped her go from idea to published book in hand in less than four months so that she could stay focused on her other work and personal obligations without burning out
  • Co-created a book framework for her that allowed her to get her ideas out of her head and onto the page in record time so that she could confidently bring her story to life and share it with the world
  • Designed a book cover and interior layout that aligned with her existing brands so that she could remain cohesive across all platforms
  • Helped her create a customized launch strategy so that she could elevate her existing strengths when bringing her book into the world in an authentic way
  • Helped align her book with her existing business strategy so that she could maximize her purpose-driven impact on others and their businesses

This is what happened for Ty after her book was published:

After publication, Ty was able to use her book as an impactful tool to help other faith-based women who dreamed of launching their own businesses do so with clarity and ease. She also was able to use the principles in the book to strategically expand the business coaching arm of her own business.

Today, many readers credit Ty’s book with making a significant impact on their own journeys to becoming successful, purpose-driven business owners. And when Ty hears the calling to write that next book? She will confidently partner with Full Circle Press through the entire process.

“I worked with other publishing companies before. What Full Circle Press offers is truly on another level. The team was there from beginning to end. The attention to detail at every step of the process is just amazing. You have that 1:1 attention needed to walk you through the entire journey..”

Ty Lewis, Author of Confessions of a CEO

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