Writing & Editing

“I’ve been trying to write my book for a long time.

Sound familiar? Full Circle Press provides trusted publishing services and author coaching. So you can stop “trying” to write and start sharing your story with the people who need to read it.

Take your rough writing
& turn it into a book.

Often the thing that holds writers back the most from publishing their story is self doubt.

Putting yourself out there feels risky:

These thoughts are totally normal, but they can hold you back from getting that story that’s locked in your head out to the people who will benefit from reading it.

And when you have an intimate or difficult story, it feels even riskier.

Those are the exact stories that need to be told.

If you’re staring at a half-written manuscript or notebooks full of writing wondering what the next step is, we can help.

This is the Writing & Editing phase of the Author’s Journey.

At Full Circle Press, we help you turn your words into a book people will buy.

With our suite of resources you can find community with other writers, select an à la carte service to edit your manuscript or design your cover, or enjoy full service done-with-you support to turn your rough notes & writings into a completed manuscript ready for publishing.

How much longer will you wait to write that book?

Here's how we can support you:

The Author’s Marketplace

The Marketplace allows you to pick & choose services you need so you can cross things off your book’s to-do list.

Need a thorough edit? We offer editing services for various stages of the book publishing process. 

Feeling stuck & not sure what to do next? Grab an hour coaching session.

The Author’s Marketplace offers many à la carte publishing & marketing services.

The Full Circle 1:1 Coaching

The Full Circle provides comprehensive support, encouragement and accountability for authors who need more support to finish their books.

We build a custom 1:1 coaching package that helps you plan, complete and publish your story. 

Our book writing blueprints, ghostwriting services and coaching help you bust through the self-doubt and overwhelm that hold you back from finishing your book.

The Authors' Circle

… Is the perfect place to elevate your writing and meet other aspiring authors on the same book-writing journey.

This is an online community for Christian women where we embrace the intersection of faith and creativity, empowering you with helpful resources and collaborations.

Inspire others and make a meaningful impact in the world through writing a book!

Write Your First Non-Fiction Book Course

You’ve been doing some writing. But now what? If you feel overwhelmed with how to get from rough notes to a published book, this course is a must.

With the Full Circle Book-Writing Course, you’ll overcome self-doubt, gain clarity, and develop the necessary skills to polish your half-written manuscript into something people want to read.

Ty had a vision & a rough draft. Within 4 months, her book was in the hands of readers.

Ty needed her draft turned into a published book quickly, but was so busy in service to others that she knew she needed help.

Here’s what we did for Ty to get her from feeling lonely and overwhelmed to having a tangible, impactful tool to expand her business and help other faith-based women reach their goals.

Free guide Which publishing method is right for you?

You’ll learn:

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