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We help purpose-driven changemakers write & publish books that make a big impact in the world.

"I cried the first time I held my beautiful book in my hands."

That’s a real quote from Bettye who trusted us with her story. She sat on her story for 7 years before she found the courage and support to tell it. We gave her the process, accountability and publishing expertise she needed to get her story out of her head – and onto the shelf. Full Circle Press can help you tell your story.

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Someone needs to hear your story.

But writing can be a lonely, overwhelming process.

If you’re here, you have a book or story inside, but you don’t know how to begin writing it. You doubt that you even have the chops to do it.

Or, you have a completed manuscript, but you’re not confident it’s good enough to be published (and you don’t know how to do that either).

Full Circle Press works with authors from all walks of life and at every stage of the book-writing journey.We’re here to support and coax that hard-to-write story out of you.

We’re not going to say it will be easy.

But it will be easier, fun & 100% worth it.

"What Full Circle Press offers is truly on another level ."

“I worked with other publishing companies before. What Full Circle Press offers is truly on another level. 

The team was there from beginning to end. The attention to detail at every step of the process is just amazing. You have that 1:1 attention needed to walk you through the entire journey.”

Ty Lewis, author of Confessions of a CEO

"They took my notes and turned them into a book people want to read."

I love that it’s a one-stop shop. I came to Full Circle Press with my notebooks & story. Dr. Gillmore and her team took those notes and turned them into a book people want to pick up and read. She had everything I needed to publish my book. I’m so glad I trusted her. 3 months later, I cried when I held my beautiful book in my hands.”

Bettye Blaze, author of Doing Time with My Son

Full Circle Press helps you write a book that’ll make you proud (& make a difference)

From community and courses to à la carte services and our flagship 1-to-1 custom support… we pride ourselves on getting our clients from A to Published with our tried and tested Full Circle Framework™️.

What kind of support do you need?

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Dr. Marina Rivera Gillmore
founder & coach

Sibyl Perez
client relations manager

Jared Dixon
ghostwriter & editor

We love to amplify unique (and often sidelined) voices

Full Circle Press is a socially-conscious indie publishing house who knows that books and stories can change minds and save lives.

We embrace bringing forward challenging narratives with honesty and integrity. It’s these difficult stories that truly resonate with us and inspire us to share them.

We also understand firsthand how hard it is to write a book. Drawing from our own experiences as authors and coaches, we’ve developed the streamlined Full Circle Framework™️ that eliminates the guesswork and delivers honest, top-notch writing and design.

We can’t wait to hear your unique story and help you bring it to life!

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Your story has the power to change (or save) lives

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