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Your story can change the world.

Full Circle Press is a socially-conscious indie publishing house for change makers, authors and anyone with a story stuck inside.

You wrote a book.
Now what?

First of all, congratulations! Writing a solid book manuscript is no easy feat. 

You had to bust through your self-doubt. And make time for the writing. Well done!

But what’s your next step?

Writing your story is only half of the journey.

Sharing it with the world will complete your journey.

This is the Publishing & Marketing phase of the Author’s Journey.

At Full Circle Press, we turn your confusion and overwhelm into simple steps and services that get your book beautifully published and in readers’ hands.

With our suite of resources you select an à la carte service to have your book edited and published, or enjoy full service done-with-you support to take your manuscript and get it beautifully published.

Ready to sell your story to those who need to read it?

Here's how we can support you:

The Full Circle 1:1 Coaching

The Full Circle provides comprehensive support, encouragement and accountability for authors who need more support to finish their books.

We build a custom 1:1 coaching package that helps you plan, complete and publish your story. 

Our editorial, graphics and publishing providers are best-in-class, ensuring you’ll have a beautiful book you’re proud of. And our connections within education and social justice, mean your book will get into the hands of the people who need to read it.

The Author’s Marketplace

Pick & choose services you need so you get your book across the finish line.

Need someone to layout your book so it’s a joy to read? Our design team handles everything for you from page numbering to E-Book conversion. 

Have you thought of how you’ll market your book? Grab a 1:1 marketing consult.

The Author’s Marketplace offers many à la carte publishing & marketing services.

The Authors’ Circle

Publishing is often the loneliest part for authors. The Authors’ Circle is the perfect place to feel supported by other aspiring authors as you enter the final legs of your book journey.

This is an online community for Christian women where we embrace the intersection of faith and creativity, empowering you with helpful resources and collaborations.

Inspire others and make a meaningful impact in the world through writing a book!

Write Your First Non-Fiction Book Course

Writing your book is only one part of the equation. If you feel overwhelmed with how to get your finished manuscript published and in front of the right people, this course is a must.

With the Full Circle Book-Writing Course, you’ll overcome self-doubt, gain clarity, and develop the necessary skills to get your book across the finish line.

Tsanonda self-published his book. Then we made it truly match the impact of his service in the world.

Tsanonda had already self-published but when he saw our titles, Tsanonda knew that what he had produced on his own had the capacity to be so much more.

Here’s what we did for Tsanonda to ensure his book matched the high-level professionalism of his work and message:

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