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With Full Circle Press’ coaching and book writing blueprints, we can crank out your book together in as little as 3 months.

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Custom, 1:1 support for aspiring authors who are ready to make their book dreams happen.

You’ve had enough of feeling…

Imagine your book touching lives, inspiring change, and leaving a lasting legacy.

Imagine this:

The Full Circle, our 1:1 book coaching program, is designed to make all of this a reality because you know you’ve got a caring, experienced team of book-publishing experts on your side.

The Full Circle guarantees your book in hand.

The Full Circle is our most comprehensive and supportive program for writers and aspiring authors.

We build a custom 1:1 coaching package that supports you with a variety of writing, publishing and marketing services, depending on your need and stage.

The Full Circle Helps You:

We work closely with you to pull out all the stops and gets the book you've been dreaming of for years done in only a few months.

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"It was like being welcomed into a family."

“I never thought that I could write a book. I always knew that I had a story that I wanted to tell, but I didn’t know what to do with it. Working with Full Circle Press was like being welcomed into a family more so than just signing a contract with somebody.

In terms of the value of what I received with Full Circle press, I could never put a dollar amount on it. The service is impeccable. I haven’t seen anything like it.

On a scale of 1-10, I would rate the service I received at a 13, maybe 14. I actually have friends who have self-published and they’ve spent just as much, if not more, without having the guidance of an author coach and publishing team to walk them through the process. So in terms of monetary value, what Full Circle Press provides is through the roof.”

Vaughn Young, Author of Uncuffed: How I became Free within and beyond prison walls

Our Full Circle Framework™ is our tried and true process for getting life-changing books done.

This is how we get our clients from feeling like struggling “failures” to proud, published authors:

step 1 – get focused

Powerful habits so you can streamline your progress

We get you past the top barriers that keeps 80 percent of people who say they really want to write a book from fulfilling their book-writing dreams. We do this by helping you replace your excuses with the powerful habits needed to move your ideas out of your head and onto the page.

step 2 – get writing

Your book 100% outlined so you can write with ease

We help you move beyond the fear + overwhelm of the blank page by working with you to set up your framework, outline, and table of contents. We also employ high-leverage strategies to get you cranking out your completed book draft with confidence.

step 3 – get published

Your hand held through the confusing publishing process

We use our years of knowledge and experience in the publishing world to get your book into your hands (and the hands of those who need it). We help you avoid common publishing pitfalls, and teach you how to market for maximum exposure + impact.

Are you a good fit for The Full Circle?

If you’ve thought about writing a book one day, but feel stuck because you don’t know how to start… Or if you have a manuscript in progress but unsure of the next step…

We’ve got you.

The Full Circle is great for writers who want to:

Available Services & Supports

Depending on the stage of your book and your needs, we’ll work together to build a custom package. Services can include:

Make it easier

coaching &

Make it sound good

writing & editing

Make it look good


Make it real


Make it sell

marketing & pr

Ready to finally say I did it?

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Don’t need or want a Full Circle 1:1 Coaching Package? Some of these services are also available à la carte in the Author’s Marketplace.

"I published a book I’m proud to show. It looks good, and feels good."

“I wrote and rewrote my manuscript for 9 years. After I found Marina and Full Circle Press, I completed and published my book in just 9 months. 

One of my friends self-published and his book looks super cheap and needed lots of edits. By comparison, my finished book is superior. It looks good and it feels good.”

Jared Dixon, Award-Winning Author of Corrupted

"I’ve sold 5,000 copies of my book & it’s actually helping people."

“I thought of maybe going the self-publishing route. I started putting things together à la carte, and when I added it all up, it was going to cost me an arm and leg! Full Circle Press’s pricing options just worked so much better for me. Financially, she made it work for me.

Dr. Gillmore had everything I needed to publish my book. I didn’t have to do anything. I’m so glad I trusted her. 3 months later, I cried when I held my beautiful book in my hands.”

Bettye Blaze, author of Doing Time with My Son

Case Studies

How The Full Circle 1:1 coaching packages work

Payment Plans

"Making the decision to write and publish my book with Full Cirlce Press was the best investment I've made."

Making the decision to write and publish my book with Full Circle Press was the best investment that I’ve made towards me, my vision, and my life goals. I can’t really even put a dollar amount to the value I received, but I can say I would give anything to do it again, or share my journey with another person who’s looking to invest in their vision and their goal to write their story.

Rose Young, author of Think up

Frequently Asked questions

Absolutely! The Full Circle is designed to support writers at all stages of their journey, including beginners. Whether you’re starting from scratch or have already begun writing, a Full Circle package will provide you with the guidance, encouragement, and services you need to get your book published once and for all.

Absolutely! The Full Circle is designed for custom support, which means you can be at any stage of the journey, including those who have been previously published. A Full Circle package will provide you with the guidance, encouragement, and services you need to get your book baby being all that it can be.  

We understand that life is busy, and finding time for writing can be a challenge. If you struggle with finding time to write, The Full Circle is ideal because we can coach you to overcome common time obstacles and figure out a writing schedule that will work for you – and then help you stay on track! Before finding our guidance, many of our authors used to invest a significant amount of time pondering and struggling with their writing, far surpassing the actual time required to complete a book once they came on board with us.

How would it feel to finally have your published book in your hands? To have real people reading it – the ones who need to hear your story and will be most impacted by your words? To show your family that you really did it?

The Full Circle comes in wherever you are in the process and the guarantee is that at the end of it, you will have your published book. What is that worth to you? Most of our authors have said that what they received from us was worth far more than the investment they made.

Our courses and community are self-paced content with no 1:1 support from our team. Our à la carte services are most useful if you’ve got most of your book done but you just need a few things off the shelf to get to the finish line.  

The Full Circle is comprehensive, custom support wherever you need it in order to get from where you are to a published book in hand. This is our only offering where we can guarantee the beautiful, impactful, published book at the end – and that’s what makes The Full Circle so special. Many of our authors had struggled on their own for years before partnering with us for The Full Circle and had their book done and published in only a few months.

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