Case Study

Tsanonda Edwards, The Extraordinary Mr. Nobody

"I owe it to myself and the people I'm trying to impact to make sure I'm giving them my best. Full Circle Press helped me do that."

Tsanonda Edwards

Here’s where Tsanonda was when he came to us:

As a community educator with over 25 years of experience serving youth and adults and as the co-founder and director of community engagement at Above It All, a mental health program for youth ages 5 to 17, Tsananda knew that sharing his own story was the next step in fulfilling his mission to bring people closer together by promoting positive mental health.

Inspired by this mission, he wrote and self-published his book a few years ago. One day, we just so happened to find ourselves at a book festival where he was our “neighbor.”

After taking a look at many of our featured titles, and after a few conversations with some of our authors who were with us at the event, Tsanonda knew that what he had produced on his own had the capacity to be so much more.

Here’s what we did for Tsanonda to get him the version of his book that would make the biggest impact:

  • Coached him around elevating the existing content of the first edition of his book so that he could move towards having a published book that truly matched the impact of his service in the world
  • Redesigned the book cover and interior layout design so that he’d have a final product that matches the high-level professionalism of his work and message
  • Conducted a comprehensive developmental and line edit of his manuscript so that his final book matched the power of his message at all levels
  • Provided all pre-publication and publishing support so that Tsanonda could remain focused on running his business and serving his clients well
  • Developed a unique and innovative launch marketing strategy so that his book could reach and deeply resonate with readers, inspiring them, sparking meaningful conversations, and leaving a lasting impact on their lives
  • Developed a complete brand to accompany his book so that he could bring a level of professionalism and cohesiveness to author events
Old cover before Full Circle Redesign
New cover after Full Circle redesign

“Before coming to Full Circle Press, I had written and self-published my first book. And being self-published was good, it was cool, but it wasn’t my best. Cool is okay, but I wanted impact. So when I want to impact people’s lives and I want people to really start their healing process, I have to make sure I owe it to myself and the people who I’m trying to impact to make sure that I’m giving them my best. And that’s what I was able to do when I hired the Full Circle Press Team.

And really, it’s not just the Full Circle Press team, it’s the full Circle Press family. When you have that team that’s patient with you, but is holding you accountable, who is making sure that they’re being honest with you, they’re being transparent, so that you can absolutely give your best — there’s nothing like it. So I would encourage people to absolutely get with Full Circle Press.

I know that there are a lot of different publishing agencies and things of that nature out there, but when you have the type of family, the type of team, that can just come from all sides — cover design, layout, writing, editing, marketing, all of it. I literally came to Full Circle Press and I could just be an author. I could just write, and then I have all these other team members, these family members, who are helping me get everything else together.”

Tsanonda Edwards, The Extraordinary Mr. Nobody

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