What Scares You Most About Writing A Book?

Have you found yourself in a position where you have this great idea for a book but can’t seem to get the idea out of your head? Have you been paralyzed by what seems to be a myriad of fears, including fear of the unknown or rejection or negative feedback? 

Well, you’re not alone. I was once there, terrified about writing a book that delved into controversial and polarizing issues. What if people didn’t like my book? What if they rejected my message I spent years crafting? What if no one even bothered to read my book? These were just a few of the questions swirling around in my head and I bet these are some of the questions you might be thinking about, too. 

Writing a book is a huge undertaking, and it’s normal to feel scared about the process. One thing that helped me overcome my fear of writing a book was setting a clear intention and anchoring myself to that intention when doubts and fears reared their ugly heads. 

First and foremost, you must identify why you write. What keeps you planted in front of your computer daily? What motivates you to return to that book idea even when you don’t feel like it? For me personally, writing was therapy. It was the medium through which I was able to process my thoughts and feelings in a constructive way and find healing as a result. 

Once you identify your reason for writing, you will be able to anchor yourself in this reason during times of uncertainty. Maybe you’re unsure about a book idea or are struggling with a certain chapter of your book project. Whatever roadblocks you’re facing, your why will help you push through them. 

The second intention you must set is the one for your book project itself. This intention should be more specific than your why and should focus on the ultimate goal of your book. In an earlier article, I wrote about how setting an intention for your book project can help you narrow down your audience to the people you want to reach through your writing. The purpose of setting an intention for your book project is to remind yourself of the people you are speaking to through your writing. 

The ultimate goal of your book project should be centered around reaching a certain audience with the message you are delivering. This intention will serve as your anchor throughout the book writing process. There will be times of great uncertainty when you write your book, and this intention will allow you to remember why you’re writing this book in the first place. It will serve as fuel for your mind, body, and soul when you’re exhausted or feel like giving up. 

Whether it’s the fear of rejection or negative feedback, I am here to tell you that you owe it to yourself to write that book that’s been in your head and heart for so long now. Remember that your goal should never be to reach everyone with your writing. Once you accept that your writing is not meant for everyone, you can get down to the business of writing that book for your intended audience. 

Someone out there needs to read your book. And in my experience, the positive feedback I received from readers far outweighed the negative feedback I received. I realized early on in my writing journey that everyone wasn’t going to like my book, and once I accepted that reality, I was better able to speak to the people who needed to read my book. Letting go of the desire to be accepted by everyone ultimately freed me to write the book of my dreams. Those doubts and fears that once left me feeling paralyzed were no longer there. Today, I implore you to release the desire to have your writing liked by everyone. The book of your dreams is counting on you to do just that.

Jared Dixon
Jared Dixon is Full Circle Press's resident ghostwriter and editor, as well as the award-winning author of Corrupted. He hails from Baltimore County, Maryland, and loves being able to help first-time authors realize their dreams of writing and publishing their books.

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